Boyfriend Away… 6 ways to make him miss you :D

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Boyfriend Away… 6 ways to make him miss you :D

Boyfriend Away… 6 ways to make him miss you 😀

So your beloved boyfriend his away either doing his chores or on a business trip or just hanging out with his friends? Arrgghhhh that SUCKS especially when you are missing him and he goes like “Baby I will be back in an hour” or “talk back later miss you ummaahhh”

Such situations can be a hell honestly when you have to act cool and say “ok no problem” but inside you are like ” F*&K him for leaving him!!! AAAggghh I am gonna pull my hair out! Why does he have to go” and so on and on. Suddenly your whole world darkens and you feel like you are ready to kill and murder someone.

Well don’t worry girls! Here’s a tip! If he really is the right man for you, then he will miss you. No doubt about it. But if your relationship has just begun and you want more and more of your man then those boys really need to know just how important you sexy beauties are!

  1. First act all cool and make him a little jealous. Hang out with your friends and tell your man all your fun stories and just how much fun you are having. Remember to play it nice girls. Your goal is to make him want to join you not to make him feel insecure or express that you are better off without him.
  2. Secondly ask him about his day. Listen to him rant and whine with patience and let him be the baby. You want to be the one for him right so show some interest in the “real him” and be the shoulder for him to cry on.
  3. If you are really missing him unbearably then write down your true feelings and text him. Honesty and Sincerity are sure to boost your relation, create a sense of security and amplify trust and this will definitely make your man rush back to you.
  1. Set a surprise for him for when he returns. That will definitely make his heart flutter like a child’s. He will see a woman he can rely on.
  1. Remind him of all the things he likes about you. Take a romantic picture that holds special meaning between you and your man and send it to him. A little bit of reminiscence will definitely make him smile and appreciate how much loved he his.


  1. If all else fails girls then it’s time to use your secret weapon! Sometimes being a little devil also creates wonders. Take an awesome hot selfie and post it on social media. Some comments from other male friends are sure to set your guy on fire and he will fight for his woman to get you back.
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