How can you get your guy to fall hopelessly in love with you? Well my dear hopeless ladies, love is never a walk in the park. It means...

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How can you get your guy to fall hopelessly in love with you?

Well my dear hopeless ladies, love is never a walk in the park. It means sacrificing, compromising, tolerating and yes getting hurt along with immense happiness as if you are on top of the world, protected, cherished and cared for. The positive outcome is that all these ups and downs actually make you fall harder and stronger.

So how can you make your guy fall for you?

To be honest, if it is really really love and not some temporary crush, fling or physical attraction then you wouldn’t need to do anything! At all!

But who am I kidding? We are women after all and we do what we do 😛

  1. Never. Be. Fake. Be yourself.

Be the real you. Dont hold back on your true opinions and feelings If you dont like something tell it straight to the guy. If you are hurt or embarrassed, then tell him so. You definitely don’t want to be someone you dont like or else it will ruin you for good.

  1. Communicate Please!

Most women like never portray their  true feelings, always going along with the guy, always assuming….well stop this vicious cycle. You dont know how many people have been driven to the point of suicide and self destruction only because of lack of communication and misunderstandings.

  1. Ego Vs. Making up?

    As much as a egotistical person I am and I am sure a lot of you are, well we all know the right thing to do and that is “To make up” . But the question of WHEN to makeup totally depends on you. As hard as it is, you need to show your guy that if he is too hot headed to listen to your words and reasons then you  also have pride and self respect (not too big on ego there). But please dont take it too far and dont take too long. A pang of realization that you two need each other on both sides is ENOUGH to make up again. After all it is not actually love unless it leaves you vulnerable and your ego shattered. Wounds should be healed before they leave permanent scars

    1. Fancy Vs. Casual?

    How about just looking good and not as casual as if you have been working as a maid or as fancy as if you are a super hot model. Trust me the extremes never work. Just look good and be comfortable. Let the guy breathe. You probably know this that men have really fragile egoes…who knows they might get insecure or intimidated by your too fancy looks  or too bored and reluctant from the too casual ones.  Hence it is safe to say “Beauty lies in simplicity”. I think what any guy needs is a woman who can make him feel at home, who can look good and elegant by his side and who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or roll over in mud  just to give him a piece of her mind.


    1. Surprise him!

    Sure…surprises….but what exactly? What can you do for him that he can’t possible leave without you…. It’s a tricky one ladies and ofcorse it will vary from guy to guy depending on what he needs.  But that’s just about it. let him know you are with him. let him know that you can handle his “not so attractive” personality and still love the real him. No one is perfect ofcorse. Some men are more shy than you can ever imagine girls to be. Earn their trust and it won’t be easy but I am sure it will be worth it if you really love him.

    1. He loves you or do you love him?

    Really? Does it even matter? The important thing is you two love each other. Get that established through your thick skinned heads and  move on rather than to expect that since the guy asked you out so it is solely his responsibility to take care of you and you dont owe him anything and vice versa.

    1. Self Respect and Personal Space

    Give respect and earn respect. If your guy doesn’t respect you then STOP right there. He is not worth it. Respect and boundary is the most important thing in anykind of relationship even if it is love. You need to have your opinions and feelings respected even if the other person doesn’t agree with you. You need to have your own time and your own personal space as well otherwise you will turn into nagging, leech girlfriends which might drive away your boyfriends. And ladies dont forget to do the same for guys. Just like you they are also humans, have a lot on their mind and sometimes they may be feeling vulnerable as well so give them space or air to breathe a little as well.

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