If You Have These Clothes In Your Wardrobe, You’re The Most Confident Person You Know.

Fashion is personal. It is about being comfortable in your own skin. On the other hand, style and looking good is relative; a must-have for a diva will...

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Fashion is personal. It is about being comfortable in your own skin.

On the other hand, style and looking good is relative; a must-have for a diva will not even feature on a boho-chic girl’s list. Celebrities, models and fashion bloggers tell you about what is in vogue, but what about those unflattering essentials? No one seems to understand or know how to rock them. Forget ‘rocking’ them, most fashionistas will tell you to throw them out of the cupboard.

The truth is, those not-so-fashionable pieces of garment reflect your confident personality.

They basically tell the world you don’t give a f**k about what they think of you. So here are 5 unflattering pieces that are absolute must-haves and tips on when and how to use them fashionably.

1. Forever Boyfriend Jeans

Girls, you may consider breaking up with the boys who roll their eyes when you step out wearing your boyfriend jeans, but never, ever break up with your boyfriend jeans. These are super comfy and can be paired with any kind of tank top depending upon the occasion. Wear this to catch up with the girls, or to a brunch with your friends. Perfect combo for Sunday brunch: boyfriend jeans, wine, and lots of gossip.


2. Super Hot Sweatpants

How does a girl live without a pair of sweatpants? Beats me! They are by far the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve come across. Plus, let’s face it, you can wear these to walk the dog, to the gym, to run your morning errands, and more. Team it with a well-fitted sweater and sneakers and you are ready to go.


3. And Sneaky Sneakers

Simply because you need the right shoes to finish the sweatpant look! Sneakers are the most comfy shoes EVER. Besides, what else can be as practical to wear while travelling, when you go on a run, to the park etc.? It is absolutely essential to own a basic pair of sneakers, something you can wear to the gym and beyond; like on a day trip to a store when you can team the sneakers with shorts or dresses to look chic.


4. B&W Basics

The black and white tees are so basic and plain, but girls, you MUST own them. What else are you going to wear with the floral pants, plaid skirts and chunky jewelry? You can do so many things with these two pieces of clothing. You can dress up, dress down, style it to be sporty or chic. Don’t forget to try the monochrome look with the basic tees. I own at least 3 of each colour and I have always used them. When I am rushing out to work, dinners, or date night, I grab the basic tee and match it with a blazer, jewelry, or skirt depending upon the occasion.


5. The Desi Fix — Golden Blouse

This one is for all you desi-style lovers: a basic golden blouse. Just a golden blouse, simple neck and sleeves and no jazz. It may look super dull to you, but, how else are you going to get through the wedding season? This one golden blouse means you can mix and match lehenga and dupattas and steal sarees from your mom. No need to worry about spending on outfits for the numerous weddings and ceremonies, breeze through them.

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Don’t throw out those plain Jane clothes yet, just style them well. If you are lacking one of these, quickly add them to the cupboard. They are so ‘unflattering’ in today’s fashion scene that they will be easy on the pocket too.


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