Clothing Tips For Skinny Girls!

Some people mostly in fashion industry likely to claim that being skinny is better than having too curvy silhouette, as they create such image that many girls...

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Some people mostly in fashion industry likely to claim that being skinny is better than having too curvy silhouette, as they create such image that many girls nowadays dream about having a skinny and tall figure as the supermodels on runway. On the other hand, fashion stylists also say that even though many trends look great on skinny figures there are still some key items every skinny woman should invest in and some fashion no-no’s that are best avoided.

Truly that most women are never satisfied when looking in the mirror that they can spend so much time in thinking about the attire to dress up in. Whether they were naturally born too tall, too short, too fat, or too skinny, lists of “how to wear” and “what to wear” can go on till forever. And although there are many practical advices for other body types, we cannot find so many useful fashion tips for skinny figure. So, take a look at some fashion tips for skinny girls to achieve a gorgeous result when looking in the mirror.


Loose clothes are a big No! – In the quest to look a bit healthier, skinny people end up wearing loose and baggy clothes. It doesn’t serve the purpose at all rather makes you look like you’ve borrowed clothes from big brother.


Get it fit: To find the right fitting clothes usually never happens in a skinny person’s life. More often, even the smallest of sizes are too big. In the case, do not wear those attire as it is, rather get them altered from a tailor.

Fake curves with Peplum: Most of the dresses do not suit the skinny body frame at all. Wearing peplum tops and dresses add curves and give an illusion of shape.


Chill with frills: Frilling is yet another style that adds volume to your otherwise lean body. So this is definitely a hit style for you!

Improve your jeans game: Jeans are a staple part of every girl’s life. Skinny people can go for skinny jeans but should avoid ultra-skinny ones. Bootlegger jeans can also be pulled off well however, boyfriend jeans will make you look very baggy!

Sleeves and Necklines for skinny women
Dresses and tops with volume on shoulder and hips are great for thin women to create the illusion of curves between waist, bust and hips. You can add curves with an empire-waist dress, peplum style dresses and tops, or you can make fuller silhouette with shift dresses or baby-doll style clothes, although sometimes baby-dolls can also create a visual shorter look.


Sleeves: If you want to hide your scrawny arms, opt for shirts with volume sleeve to create wider look and to balance your silhouette. Batwing sleeves are also great for adding some additional shape, while long sleeve tops with prints are great for disguising thin upper arms.

Draw attention away from the upper half of your body by investing in bright shoes, trousers or skirts, and hide your arm by pairing a long-sleeve top with a bomber jacket or waterfall blazer. Tucking in shirts can also make your hips look wider which will make your legs look better too.

Trousers and skirts best to wear for skinny women

As for trousers or pants, a low rise is ideal for creating curvy silhouette. Trousers like boot-cuts or flared pants make your bottoms round and can give your body extra shape and dimension. Make sure you go for the ones that are a bit of flair at the bottom – tight-fitting but flare out at the ankles at least from the knees down. Opt for trousers that are well fitted and notice that wearing palazzo or extra wide-leg pants sometimes just make your legs look lost

Not that the skinnies look bad for skinny women, but super snug like jegging jeans or extra-fitted pants are not really meant for this kind of body type, as they can just end up making you look skinnier. Better to choose a slim straight or a cigarette pant instead. But, obviously you can still pull off those fabulous skinnies by abusing bolder prints and colors to give a little more presence to your legs.




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