Kareena’s daily routine, workout, diet plan and everything else.

It’s not that easy to have the picture perfect body. Very few people, like the ever radiant Kareena Kapoor Khan are god gifted, but even she has...

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It’s not that easy to have the picture perfect body. Very few people, like the ever radiant Kareena Kapoor Khan are god gifted, but even she has to put in a little work here and there to maintain that oomph factor. Even the post pregnancy weight didn’t deter her and she is already back on track! Let’s have a sneak peek into life of the ever glowing starlet.


What’s the secret behind her gleaming and supple skin? Facials or high end massages? No! Just a simple DIY trick! Honey. Yes, you heard that right! She prefers massaging a light layer of honey on her skin for a few minutes and washes it off thereafter.

What about her luxuriant hair? A good oil massage on her scalp with a mixture of oils like almond, olive and castor oil, at least once in a month. She even avoids using a blow dryer, if she’s on a shoot free day. Prefers only dark chocolate brown color for her hair and is averse with the use of too many hair products!
The Begum of Bollywood loovveesss to pout! And we all know that! According to her, her extreme self confidence in her work and herself makes her feel content and beautiful. The mantra behind her gorgeous self – ‘Being comfortable in one’s skin is the first step to feel beautiful’.


She drinks a lot of water daily to get that luminous glow on her face plus maintains a healthy and balanced diet. According to sources, her day starts with muesli or idli or parathas (oil free) or upma post which she prefers snacking on something light and healthy in every 2-3 hours. Her lunch comprises of brown rice or roti accompanied with some veggies and dal. Her dinner is the lightest out of all the meals as its just soup and some stir fried veggies on the side. Her diet includes a lot of fresh fruits and salads and prefers veggies like fenugreek, broccoli and spinach.

Bebo is also a fitness freak and every other day she is seen in her gyming clothes. Her fitness regime includes a mix of cardio, cycling, yoga and weights, all in balanced intervals and blends, to avoid repetition.
For her, her sexiest feature are her eyes. And simply adores the Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal. She never leaves her house without it! She is also an advocate for minimalistic make up and goes for nude shades in the day and a red lip smoky eye look for the night. Plus loves highlighting her cheekbones! You’ll always find a highlighter in her purse! And while travelling a lip balm is her best friend as her lips tend to dry out and so does her skin.

You’re not complete without a good scent. And she agrees! As her favorites are Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee and Chanel Mademoiselle and also Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes.

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