A mother’s milk is best for a baby infant”?

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A mother's milk is best for a baby infant"?

Hey there ladies!

Do you like kids? Well who am I kidding! Most women adore kids and there is nothing to be embarrassed about! Mother Nature has made us on the soft, loving side but it doesn’t mean that we are weak. Oh no no no…Infact the more the love, the more the desire to protect. The desire to tolerate and become the bigger and better person.

Fortunately and perhaps unfortunately, most women get so blinded by their “love” especially the love for their own children that they forget another important job which is ofcorse “Protection”.

Ever wondered about the common belief “A mother’s milk is best for a baby infant”? About 90%  of the women live with this belief and happily feed their own child irrespective of whether is it really good for the child or not.

My dear ladies, you are in for a surprise by knowing that “ALL MOTHER MILK IS NOT AS PURE AS WE THINK OF IT”

In this era where chemical contaminants have become a second nature to our food, where the idea of storing and preserving food for God knows HOW long especially in our very own refrigerators and freezers, there my friends are tiny little guys called “Mycotoxins” produced from variety of species of fungal growth in our very favourite kind of food (cereals, wheat, fruits, vegetables etc.)

One of the common example of a mycotoxin is aflatoxin, the most potent carcinogen, found on corn, wheat peanuts, and tree nuts. The toxin also can be transmitted to humans through the milk, meat, or eggs of animals fed contaminated grains. Now sadly what happens is that the mother eats some contaminated food due to which the toxins accumulate in mother’s milk and are hence passed on to the child at an age where his/her immune system is strong as a paper wall.

So how do you know which food is contaminated? What can you do to prevent poisoning your own child?

Sadly there is no end to it. You can experience fungal growth in your own refrigerators and in most cases people only throw away the “affected food items” without knowing that the same microscopic spores might have already lounged in other food items which appear to be clean and protected.

So a word of advice, dispose of all items and clean the refrigerator properly before filling it up again.

And mostly can you honestly trust food companies? They wouldn’t mind feeding you the wrong stuff to increase profits atleast not all of them.

You will be further disappointed to know that the very crops you get your food from, might actually be growing form “affected seeds” which catch  fungus in damp conditions

Who knows the meat you might be eating is from the animal that is also affected by aflatoxins …..

Now it might all sound a little paranoid but a few precautionary measures can guarantee your and your baby’s health!

Firstly, please always carry out a lab test of mother milk before feeding it to your child blindly.

Secondly, do question or look into companies from where you buy food.  A bit of organic farming at home will do wonders to your diet and health.

Always make sure the meat that you get is from a clean source and what exactly are those animals fed.

It may get a little expensive but believe me it is not as expensive as losing your child’s life!

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