The Secret Code To A Girl’s Mind Every Guy Must Know

There was an old saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, not sure how much of that is true in the current times...

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There was an old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, not sure how much of that is true in the current times or may be it has shifted a few inches below if not above. However, what’s probably not changed since aeons, is the way to a woman’s heart and as difficult as it may be for men to understand this fact, a lot about her emotions has to do with her mind.

The secret code to her mind… Isn’t that what every man wants! And if he had that, dealing with his woman would have been a cake walk!

Most men I know, find it difficult to deal with a woman and true to my heart, I do empathize with them. No matter how much you deny it, the truth is that women are complicated. But the bigger truth is that if you know the secret code to her mind, you would be THE MAN she would die for!

You may still not be the one calling the shots in the relationship, but you definitely will not be shot down by her changing temperaments or unexpressed expectations!

Here you go!


You must know that she is not the same every day. Now that doesn’t mean she has personality disorders, it’s because of her biological cycle. Since her hormone levels change constantly, it impacts her brain, her body, her outlook about herself and the world around and even the energy and sensitivity levels she has. Knowing your woman’s behavior patterns during a full cycle may help you understand her needs and mood swings better.


Whether she is the outgoing type or a reserved one, she would definitely want her private time with her partner when she can talk about whatever’s on her mind. From love, sex, religion, national issues, global politics to kitchen politics – sharing her thoughts with the one she loves makes her feel connected.


There may be times when she would want to flirt with you even if you or the relationship has grown old, there may be times when she would want to flaunt her sexuality or unleash her desires… She would always expect her partner to be accepting of the different shades of her – without JUDGING her. It is therefore, important that you win her trust, make her feel comfortable enough to share or speak to you – no holds barred


Women find blank expressions, or a lack of response, completely unbearable. If she is taking the pain to express herself in front of you she wants you to respond!


A consistent dead space, a sense of rejection from her partner or a situation when she has to curb her needs because her partner doesn’t care for them often leads to anxiety in women. A prolonged exposure to such situations lead to depression or a state of self-rejection or lack of self-worth. While no one says pampering her is a must but being attentive to her wants and desires and caring (well enough) for her needs is non – negotiable.


You may know how to turn her on but you must always beware of what turns her off! For a woman to get an orgasm, she has to essentially shut her mind off a lot that’s on her head! Remember, sex for a woman first starts in her mind! If you end up doing or saying things which scratch those shut doors of her head, it would be a struggle for her to get turned on again!

Caution: She may never let you know what you did to her by ruining her mood or may even fake an orgasm to cover up.


Men and women respond to fear and anxiety differently. While men are okay being aggressive or cold even if it leads to a fight, women try to avoid conflicts by being submissive or servile. It’s not that women can’t be aggressive, it’s just that it is not the first response mechanism for them. The catch here is that if a woman has been holding back too much, she might get back at you like a bolt of lightning.

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