A story of an “alone girl”

She thought that she is not much good looking as she didnt get any kind of good response in her real life. inferior complexity, fear of being...

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alone girl

She thought that she is not much good looking as she didnt get any kind of good response in her real life. inferior complexity, fear of being dumped, low confidence, sadness r part of her daily routine. As she has lots of pain in her heart she started laughing hard, became a crazy girl as she doesnt want to show others that she is sad inside. smile anyway She started using fb and 1 day she uploaded her pic and with in an hour she got many likes and good compliments and from that day she uploaded her many pics. She felt very happy a smile was always their on her face when she got compliments by boys. Ever Since she started spending her whole time on fb, friend request and many messages from boys made her realize that she is a princess. Facebook is now become her world as she getting much atterntion from many boys on fb as compare to her real life. One day she met a guy a cute guy on fb, Both started chatting daily, she didn’t even know that when did she fall in love with him as this guy is different. He cared too much he, he called her daily. He made her realize that she is so beautiful and the guy also claimed that he loved her, she always waited 4 him to come online, his 1 msg made her whole day. One day they decided to meet both r not from the same city as she was so excited and nervous too. The guy was about to come the next day she didnt sleep the whole night, In the morning he reached her city and called her and said to meet her. She was happy but the heart is beating fastly. She dressed herself well Used deo and wore her best attire, all she wanted to look beautiful infront of him. And the moment finally arrived she reached the place and Damn cute and handsome are the words In her mind when she saw him, and he also saw her, both hugged each other 4 1st tym when he touched her, HER HEART BEAT INCREASED and both started talking. As it was her first meeting she was not able to look at his eyes as she was shy lil scared and uncomfortable. Both r sitting and talking he was looking cute his lips were the CENTRE OF ATTRACTION FOR HER AND suddenly he held her hand, he covered her palm with his both hands and started looking at her, her eyes was down he kissed on her cheeks and she was just on a roller coaster. It was d best moment of her life as she never get that much care and love before, while in the whole coversation she was waiting for him to compliment her, as she still asking question with herself that DO I LOOK PRETTY TO HIM? AS this question bothering her again and again, she finally asked him, how am i looking? And he replied beautiful babe, Its was d 1st compliment by a guy in her real life. She was on the top of the hill too much happy, Finally she believed the she is pretty and there is a guy who loves her truly. And after a succesful meeting she dropped him at station she still remembered that train was running slowly and slowly and he is going away from her like some1 is taking her heart out. All that she was happy but lil sad as he is gone. On the next day he reached his city and the girl who loved him expecting the she got true love yeyeyeye. So much happy she was, after two days no call from his side even no msg. As she got worried she called him what happen he said nothing am fyn talk to u later a weird reply from his side. As days passes he started ignoring her. And she started missing him, Memories that made her more and more to think abt him, whole day and night she waited for just 1 missedcall just 1 single msg, when her phone vibrates she suddenly held it and checked whether its him and got disappointed coz there was no call by him. She got frustrated and angry she made up her mind that he will msg 1st, since last 15 days there was no msg by him. She saw him online bt not chatting with her Finally she got frustrated and angry and asked whats wrong? He again replied nothing i was busy, its so hurt when a guy gave u so much importance made u feel lyk queen, u were his 1st priority suddenly left u by saying nothing i was busy. she realized that something wrong, questions started bulilding in her mind, does he got another girl? Is he got bored? As time passes she missed him more cried for him daily . One day she msgd him and finally asked y r u behaving lyk this? Give me the reason and i will not msg u again. He finally fed up and bursted out and said “U HAVE ATTITUDE PROBLEM AND U R FAT AND U DONT LOOK GUD AS U R IN UR PHOTOS” AM SORRY I DONT have FEELINGS” I LOVE SOME 1 ELSE” No 1 can imagine after reading these lines how much hurt and sad she was. It was a terrible blow 4m d guy whom she dreams the world of him. These lines again forced her to lose confidence again she started hating herself. She stopped looking at the mirror as she has believed that she ain’t pretty. She deleted her photos 4m fb with tears in her eyes. From that day she decided never to talk to him again, he cant even imagine his last lines were going to break her totally. after few months so many guys proposed and said u r beautiful she didnt believe. She started hating men? She changed alot from an innocent girl to angry aggressive girl, a sensible to argumentative and a loving to a hater. She sometimes asked to god Y U HAVE GIVEN ME THIS LIFE? She lost hope she stopped hanging out, parties. She spends her whole day mostly at home. She changed alot everything changes now 1 thing is not changed is Its her tears, she still cries.CRies FOR NOT BEING PRETTY enough, CRies FOR NOT BEING LOVED. Cries and still hope that 1 day some1 will come up and love her for what she is. The 1 who will not call her beautiful but will call her u R MINE THE 1 WHO WILL NOT LEAVE HER by saying u r FAT BUT WILL LOVE HER BY SAYING MY TEDDY BEAR. but SHE STiLL CRIES? THIS IS STILL GOING ON. SOME STORIES NEVER HAVE a HAPPY ENDING?

Made by Rohit Suwalka.

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  1. Shweta       Reply

    ohh such kind of well story,,d stort dat wt told is truth,,don’t make any dreams on oua loved oness,,girls are soo sensitive,,innocent abt their feelingss…..