Top Secret Tips for Thick, Full Hair They Don’t Want You To Know

Everyone loves the look of long, thick hair. A good hairstyle can really take your beauty level up and...

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Top Secret Tips for Thick, Full Hair They Don’t Want You To Know


Everyone loves the look of long, thick hair. A good hairstyle can really take your beauty level up and can increase confidence. In most studies, people prefer women with healthy hair as it an indication of reproductive success. The start of this beautiful type of hair truly begins on the inside and can be achieved by most people with the right diet and lifestyle. Your hair comes from you, so begin these rituals to truly get the most out of your favorite accessory!

Here are 11 ways to get thicker, fuller, and longer hair.

1) Take care of Dandruff ASAP

A healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. Avoid those itchy flakes with proper cleansing and avoiding dryness. You can address dandruff with drug store shampoos – look for those with tar or salicylic acid in the ingredients to truly exfoliate your scalp and get rid of flakes. If you are more of a natural type, try squeezing lemon into your hair for a great exfoliant as well.

2) Drink at least 8 Cups of Water a Day

Honestly, this is the key to so many beauty efforts. Proper hydration keeps your scalp and skin hydrated, leading the way to a healthy scalp and quicker hair growth. Try keeping a pitcher at your desk or mixing in fruit to keep yourself on top of your water consumption.

3) Massage your Scalp

For at least 2 minutes a day, massage your scalp. Go upside and really get in there. This helps by increasing blood flow to the region, and invigorates your scalp to increase hair production. Especially when massaging upside down, you really can get your body to work for you.

4) Do an Oil Treatment While You Sleep

Try coconut oil or an Indian hair oil in your hair at least once a week. This is when I personally take the time to massage my scalp. Coconut and other oils will help coat your hair and instill moisture, creating stronger hair that is less susceptible to breaking. All you have to do is massage in the oil, wrap your hair up, and sleep on the towel. Wash in the morning and enjoy your healthy hair.

5) Eat your Omega-3’s

Healthy hair starts with healthy food! Look for foods that have Omega-3’s to really ramp up your mane game. Start with salmon, avocados, and almonds. Try to get some kind of this special oil each day to really get the benefits. If the food isn’t readily available, you can head to your local health food store for the capsules and 2 a day should do the trick.

6) Avoid Over Shampooing

Too much washing can really dry your scalp out. Try to keep your shampooing down to twice a week to keep your hair’s natural oils in place. Over shampooing leads to dried out hair, which can cause breakage, irritation, and even dandruff! Limit the use for shampoo by extending your hair with limited product use.

7) Limit Heat Products

Try to keep blow drying, flat irons, and curling irons away from your hair most of the week. Keep the heat product usage to about once a week to avoid damage. Long hair means healthy hair, and too much heat usage leads to breakage, split ends, and overdrying. Plus, if you follow the shampoo rule of twice a week you can really keep your hair done for at least half the week!

8) Protect Your Hair When using Heat

If you must use heat, protect your tresses. Use a silicone based heat protectant to coat your hair and prevent damage. Put the product in when hair is damp, and also remember to use this product before going into the sun for an extended amount of time. Heat can create irreversible damage, and it is best to use a protectant.

9) Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing wet hair causes instant breakage. Hair becomes weaker when wet, and is easily pulled to breakage if using the incorrect brush. To keep your tresses from pulling and breaking, use a wide tooth comb if you must brush your hair while wet. Truly, only curly haired gals would use the comb, since straight or wavy hair won’t be affected by the brushing.

10) Take the Proper Vitamins

While a healthy diet leads to healthy hair, some vitamins truly create a difference when striving for long healthy hair. Look for vitamins with zinc and B vitamins to amp up hair growth. But be careful with these pills, as they will create faster growth in all areas where hair grows. So if you are willing to shave more, go crazy with the Biotin!

11) Fake It Until You Make It

In the meantime, there are ways to fake thick, full hair. Try blow drying your hair upside down to increase volume. Another trick is to put your hair in a very high ponytail or bun while sleeping to avoid flattening of the hair. And if you really must, invest in high quality extensions to create the illusion of full hair.

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