Women Working In Company Are Asked To Kiss The Boss Everyday

Going to work isn't exactly a pleasant experience for everyone. Some people can't wake up on time, while others do...

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Going to work isn’t exactly a pleasant experience for everyone. Some people can’t wake up on time, while others do not like other workers because of their undesirable working habits. Likewise, some workers simply do not like what they do in the office.

But what if you are required to do something quite strange to your boss each day? Read on!


There is a Chinese company that has become infamous for a weird practice.


Many people will be surprised by what they do at work.

A company that sells home brewery machinery in Tongzhou District, Beijing requires its female staff members to line up in front of their boss each morning.

During the start of the day, the female workers are told to line up.

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Over half the company’s staff members are women. They are required to line up between 9:00 and 9:30 each morning in front of their boss.

But what should they be lining up for?

Well, each one of them is required to kiss their boss on the lips.


Yes, you just read that right. These workers are responsible for kissing their boss.

The male boss of a company in Beijing, China, has recently come under fire for forcing female workers to line up and give him a kiss every morning. And we’re not talking about a little, innocent smooch on the cheek, although that would be pretty weird as well, but a kiss on the lips.

More than 50 percent of this company’s workers are women.


According to Chinese media reports, over half the unnamed company’s staff members are women. This means that so many women will be kissing the boss every single morning.


The Chinese company’s owner said that this would help create good relations among the workers.


Facing increasing pressure from both the media and the general public, the boss explained that he picked up the idea for the daily morning kiss while visiting a company in the United States, and claimed that the disgusting daily ceremony helps “foster good relationships among colleagues”, allowing him and his female staff to get along “like fish and water”. Not only that, but he says that some of his women worker genuinely miss him when he is away, and send him messages on WeChat.

Needless to say that the boss’ explanation didn’t really satisfy the millions of social media users.

He also argued that aside from building friendly relationships, the employee morale will also be improved.

Apparently, not every worker in the company wants to follow the order.


Despite reluctance to accept the ceremony, almost all female staff members eventually succumbed to the need to satisfy the boss’ demand and therefore remain in the company. Only two members of staff refused and subsequently resigned.

“How can these female workers accept this? Do their boyfriends or husbands know?” Do you have no money? Would you starve if you changed jobs?” 

Although we all condemn the man for his sleazy rule, but the women carried some of the blame as well, just for putting up with the situation. The boss is a perv, but the workers are foolish too.

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