Are you worried about how you look? About your too thin or too chubby figure?

Hey Peeps and Squeaks! Are you worried about how you look? About your too thin or too chubby figure? Well here's a test! If you can get a few...

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Hey Peeps and Squeaks!

Are you worried about how you look? About your too thin or too chubby figure?

Well here’s a test! If you can get a few millimeters of skin in your hand from chubby areas like your belly, thighs, shin, forearms, neck etc. then THAT my friends is an extra layer of fat that is ruining your natural beauty figure.


Want to remove fat and still look pretty and healthy? Well you are in luck my friends. I am going to be your personal trainer. My name is Yolo and together we are going to achieve the ultimate beauty that you were born to be!


Most of the women think that in order to get thin or achieve a slender form, they can go on a diet or start walking on their house roofs. Well diet and walking help but only  as long you are cutting back on food intake and that is just a temporary solution. You need to work out girls! Show them cool boys how hot you can be!

Before  jumping to out workout schedule, first we need to know different types of exercises, why they are needed and how can they improve your figure.

Basically there are two main branches of exercise:

  • Aerobic exercises / Cardio exercises/ Endurance exercises
  • Non Aerobic exercises

Aerobic Exercises:

These exercises improve your blood circulation all over the body and improve metabolic rate. Examples include running, jogging, swimming, hiking  cycling etc.. These exercises are to be performed at a moderate pace but for a long period of time to increase endurance and stamina.

Why need them??? Well these exercises save you from a horde of multiple diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and various types of cancers. You will get a strong healthy heart. When you work out and push yourself your body releases endorphins that reduce stress level, anxiety and depression. With a combination of a healthy diet, aerobic exercises can also reduce weight and burn calories and all extra fat you have got.

Non-Aerobic Exercises:


These exercises focus on strength and power and building muscles. Unlike aerobic exercises which need longer period of time, non- aerobic exercises only need a few minutes. However, you can’t simply start with them otherwise you will strain your muscles or get injuries. hence, a little bit of warm up is necessary for non-aerobics.

There are three main types of non-aerobic exercises:

  • Strength exercises that include weight lifting, push ups etc.
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Balance exercises like putting weight on one foot etc.

Now with non aerobic exercises, there is a HUGE misconception in women. They think that if they lift weights, they will get big and bulky like males. Well that’s just impossible guys… men and women are built differently and exercises affect them differently. A woman will grow muscles but she won’t get as bulky as a man.

Similarly some women are just too focused on reducing hips and thighs. Don’t sweat about it honestly. Women were born to have a bulky lower body that helps them during pregnancy since they have to carry a lot of weight around. And just like this, men are built with stronger upper body.

So that was just a little bit of information you needed to have before starting your actual workout. Brace yourselves and stay tuned girls!


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